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Utah Scones

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Utah scones with honey butter and fresh raspberries from OUr Best Bites

2 packages active dry yeast (4 1/2 teaspoons)–I use bread machine yeast
2/3 cup warm (105-115 degree) water
2 c. buttermilk (whole buttermilk, if you can find it)
½ cup + 1 tablespoon sugar, divided
3 tablespoons butter, melted
3 tablespoons vegetable oil (I use peanut oil)
2 teaspoons kosher salt
1 heaping teaspoon baking powder
8-9 cups all-purpose flour
3 eggs
Peanut oil for frying (other high smoke point oils also work great)
Honey Butter
Fresh Raspberries
Dissolve the yeast and 1 tablespoon sugar in warm water. Let stand about 10 minutes or until very bubbly and frothy.
In the bowl of a stand or heavy-duty mixture, mix the milk, sugar, melted butter, vegetable oil and salt until completely dissolved. Add baking powder and 3 cups of flour to the milk mixture and beat on low for 30 seconds, scraping sides of bowl constantly. Add yeast mixture and beat on high for 3 minutes.
Add the eggs and mix until completely combined. then stir in as much remaining flour as needed to make a soft dough. This dough should be very soft–it will be coming away from the sides of the bowl, but it will still stick to your finger when you touch it. Place the bowl in a warm place and cover with a clean towel; allow to rise 1 hour or is doubled in bulk.
When the dough has risen, lightly sprinkle a large, clean work surface with flour. Punch down the dough and then roll it to about 1/4″ thick. Using a sharp knife or a pizza wheel, cut the dough into equal rectangles. Separate the dough pieces so they have enough room to rise. Cover with a clean cloth.
In a large, heavy pan (I use a 7.5 quart Le Creuset), heat about 2-3 inches of peanut or other high smoke point oil over medium heat until it reaches 350-360 degrees (use a candy thermometer). When hot, add a few dough pieces and cook until golden brown on one side, then flip and cook the other side. Repeat with remaining dough pieces. Serve immediately smeared with honey butter with a handful of raspberries pressed into the honey butter. Makes about 24 scones.
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